ReFashion – the review!

I loved it and two other mums I met there, too!
Here is my feedback with parental touch and hopefully useful observations.

A Family friendly event? Yes and no! Children up to 4-5 years will love watching the fashion shows, which are incredibly realistic. Moreover, there was a nice cake stall from Donnington Doorstep Family Centre – yummy!
You can spend an excellent moment with your kids (around 1 hour) at ReFashion–also a good opportunity to show them the Town Hall: simply stunning. The different stalls are lovely – the handcrafted things can stir their creativity, some of them are nice Birthday gifts for friends, or if they have some spare pocket-money! Finally an educational point (sic!): it’s a good place to make them aware of the impact of recycling!

For younger children and to be honest, even for me, the music is definitely too loud and, as so often, the place is overheated (which isn’t a very “green state of mind”). I would recommend a stall with some crafts for the children, so that the parents can go for a little spin.

Mums or mums to be will like this event, thanks to some baby clothes to swap (you can swap one piece of adult clothes with one for a baby), or some very nice pieces sold by the Donnington Doorstep Family Centre for only £1! Good to know: Changing facilities and pushchair access.

Don’t forget! To take clothes you don’t wear anymore from the entire family – you can swap them! It’s a fun experience and there were a lot of nice pieces especially for women. I was expecting more children clothes (from 3 years onwards)… but this depends entirely on the visitor’s donations, too! Take some money to buy some handcrafted things or clothes (very nice selection!) from Charity shops (Helen&Douglas House Vintage and British Heart Foundation).


2 thoughts on “ReFashion – the review!

  1. le printemps arrive ,il est même déjà là il faut aérer les armoires et les reremplir, c’est bien d’inviter les enfants à découvrir une autre mode….bonne initiative


    • Merci, j’ai aussi beaucoup aimé ce moment à la Mairie d’Oxford. J’y ai notamment appris que 8000 tonnes d’habits et de chaussures sont jetés tous les ans dans les poubelles de l’Oxfordshire. La municipalité encourage à apporter ces habits usagés et abîmés dans des lieux de recylcage de textiles pour en faire des matelas, siège de voiture ou autres… /// Thanks for your feedback, I have learned a lot about recycling at this event. For instance: in the Oxfordhire 8.000 tonnes of clothes, shoes and fabrics end up in the landfill every year. All of these could have been recycled or reused in textile banks. Even ripped or damaged clothes can be recycled into car seats, punch bags or industrial wipes.


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