Do you know SOAP?


What’s for sure, during these sunny/drizzling, chilly and still muddy days you will need soap (and warm water) after having had fun at SOAP!
SOAP stands for South Oxford Adventure Park and is located close to Abingdon Road and Hinksey Park. An immense playground in a splendid green area with a lot of places to climb, run, explore wooden castles, shiny slides and other funny play corners – as far as the eye can see. It’s a special place, a charity, run by volunteers – a new group just started – with a lot of workshops to stir the younger ones’ creativity. SOAP 1

For whom? I would recommend for kids from 3 years onwards. They will have a lot of fun discovering some slides, swings and a little climbing castle. The older ones have a lot of other spaces to let off steam : football field, giant wooden fort and a zip-wire… lots of others things to explore! It’s “the place to be” when you have siblings!

Good to know This playground is especially for kids coming after school. You can go there alone when you’re about 7 years old (there is a registration). The under 7s should be accompanied by a grown up. SOAP offers also in indoor space for other plays (table football, colouring and relax or have a snack (you can buy some nibbles). There are also toilets!

Workshops Currently you can meet members of the group Re-resonance every Monday. SOAP 3
They produce with the children music-instruments SOAP 4
from recycled materials. It’s incredible creative, ingenious and enriching for the children who are encouraged to lend a hand. I’ve seen a three years old with a hammer (sic!). For more details and the program, have a look on SOAP’s website.

Opening hours Mondays and Thursdays during the school term from 3.15pm to 5.30. In the Easter holidays every day from 10pm to 4.30 (to be confirmed) and also more opening times in the summer. Great!

Information and keep in touch:
@soap_oxford (Twitter)

Facebook (South Oxford Adventure Playground)


2 thoughts on “Do you know SOAP?

  1. Sounds like a really amazing place! Let’s hope for some sun over the weekend so that we can discover SOAP! Thanks for sharing.


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