World Book Day – everyday!

Reading is one of my favourite activities. I love the retreat to a calm and warm place with a good book to embark on a trip to another world.
Reading with children is often not as silent and secret – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is less fun. It’s just different.
Remember the stars in their eyes when you read for the fourth time the same story. Or their giggly laugh when you imitate voices ands sounds or better still when the tiniest fell asleep in your arms during story time.

Here are some of my actual favourite books to share with your children…


Written by the well-known French author Hervé Tullet (in French: Un livre), this book is just amazing. It shows you that reading with kids is not only watching pictures or telling a story but could be much more… movement !From one page to another follow the dots. They multiply, move, change colours… thanks to you, the reader!
Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Open this book (even shake it!) as fast as you can and you will know what I mean!
I recommend this book for children from 3 years onwards.
Good to know: it’s translated in many other languages (German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Russian…)

For those who want to know more:

Being a new Oxonian, I love mention the Barefoot Book House which has a beautiful studio (with lovely books and activities) in Summertown. Our favourite book at home is The Animal Boogie a Sing-along edition. Two weeks ago we brought it to Pre-School and the children were really enthusiastic about it. At first they listened and discovered all the animals in the jungle and later on we sang the story, and they loved imitating the way each animal moves (elephant, snake, leopard…)
I recommend this book from 2,5 years onwards. The pictures are nice and bright and the DVD-version brings successful melody and movements together: great! Just the way I like it: it’s not a film, indeed there are not too many pictures. It rather presents moves the children can follow!

Lucky you, Barefoot Books prepared an online version:


4 thoughts on “World Book Day – everyday!

  1. Barefoot Book House in Summertown is a fabulous place for little ones to engage with story telling, we love it too. but try and stay away on Saturday’s! Am curious about your dot-to-dot recommendation, will look it up this weekend. lovely post x


  2. Super sélection 🙂 bravo! Méline


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