Bring some Journl in your life!

Journl Blog2Pictures on our phone, some documents in our Dropbox, others on our hard disc, a to-do list in the pocket another one in the kitchen… we are struggling every day to remember where we put our stuff” tells Lina smiling, she is chief marketing officer at Journl. Based at the Centre for Innovation in Oxford the twelve people team is passionate about the idea to develop a virtual place where you can put your notes down in notebooks, store photos, documents and bills, collect emails, create to-do lists, check shopping-lists or other kinds of lists… Together they animate Journl, a service to help you get better organized! “It’s particularly useful for families who have lots of things to plan ahead for, for the Journl Blog3parents as well as for their children. You might have a big wall calendar in the kitchen but as soon as you are out of the house, you can’t access the information, emphasizes Lina; and you would probably agree, organisation is not just about using a calendar. Journl offers among other things different tools like shopping, money and to-do lists…” As a matter of fact you can also store and collect as much documents as you want in different sections. “A clear design, easy of use tools, a well organised front page where I can put my own sections like Family, Me, Projects… it’s very appealing, tells Dana, mother of two and self-employed. My favourite tool at Journl is the check-list where you can really tick off and see all the done work.”Journl Blog5
Currently Journl is available to one user who has the option to share a section for example with a partner, or a group of friends. This can be very useful when you plan holidays together! Concerned about security? This is hugely important to us, assures Lina, our two main pillars are: intensively private and intensively secure!” Sure enough the Journl Team has no access to any of your data hidden in the cloud and there are regular audits to check the security.

Journl in 5 questions and 1 offer

By who and for who?Journl Blog1bis The idea was born many years ago and in July 2013 Journl was launched by Karl and Mark (founders, picture) and their team. They all use Journl with hundreds of other people who have varied organisational needs (work, family, free time, projects) and help shape it into an ever improving app – it’s based on these real people’s lives and needs.

Journl is a virtual place where you can organise your day-by-day life, from your next dentist appointment to storing your electricity bills and the pictures of your last family trip. You can also write an ideas-list for your friend’s upcoming Birthday, prepare a to-do for the next holidays or write down your monthly budget… Some lovely notebooks are also available for your job or home projects and why not for some of your most foolish dreams!

Why? To help you to get better organised and to store all kinds of different stuff in one place that you can access from anywhere you are with a connection to the web.

Where?  You can subscribe online and start to “bring your plans to life”:

How much? The Journl-Team offers the opportunity to discover a free trial for the first 14 days, than it’s £4.99 per month or £39 per year.

Thanks a lot to Tim Morton, interactive designer at Journl for the fabulous and sweet illustrations!


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