Hinksey – not just splash, but also play!

  Hinksey 1You can’t miss the playground between Abingdon Road and the famous Hinksey Splash Park! We discovered it on a somewhat “catastrophic” day in the summer of 2013, while the water games didn’t work. The neat recreational park looked like a rescue area back then! We had a memorable time – mothers sitting with their babies in the shade of the trees and children discovering the different games offered by the park.

Some months laterHinksey water (1), there was a flood at the playground and a part of it went underwater, however this didn’t stop the children from playing… It’s a good option when you think to yourself  “gosh, where can we go to change a bit from the usual playground down the street?”

What?  The Hinksey Park Playground

Where? Lake Street, off Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4RP

How can I go there? Several busses coming from Oxford’s City Centre stop close to the park. You can also cycle there from the City Centre (Abingdon Road) or from East Oxford via Donnington Bridge (take the fabulous walk close to the Isis and then left [before the University College Boathouse], pass by the Four Pillars Hotel and here you are in front of the Hinksey Park Playground.)

Suitable for babies, toddlers, children?Hinksey 4 Yes, every age will find something exciting to do here. A challenging climbing castle for older kids, let’s say around 6-7 years old! But also some baby-swings, a toddler climbing area, a great sand pit… and not to forget a funny cycle game which will be very much appreciated. Some benches under the trees offer a calm place for the parents!

What can we do there? It’s a nice place to know not too far away from the town centre and a good opportunity to have a little rest after a visit and play session at the Splash Park. Lots of families use the playground for a picnic or the open grass area nearby to play soft ball, for instance.

Hinksey 2Don’t forget! If you have older children (older than 7 years) you can also pop into SOAP which is just around the corner.

Good to know! For those who love walking and exploring a bit of wildlife… two lovely lakes and the river are very close to the playground. And of course, during the summer, the Splash Park (which has free entry) and the heated outdoor pool (some charges apply) are just a stone’s throw away.


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