A parent-friendly Oxfam-shop on Cowley Road

Oxfam  1postIn the heart of the vibrant centre on Cowley Road – which is by the way the best place where you can find charity shops next to one another (ok, second best if you take Headington into account)– there is a good old Oxfam charity shop. A lovely meeting with the shop manager Nikoletsa (on the picture with Francesca, volunteer [left]) offered some interesting details about giving a second life to toys, children’s’ books and clothes!
There is no hazard! In 1943 when Oxfam’s adventure began the aim was to support the Greek population during World War II “when the shopmanager where I worked as a volunteer told me this, it became very special to me, I couldn’t imagine to work for any other charity…” tells Nikoletsa, who is herself Greek. She loves working here and underlines that she never looks at her watch whilst she is managing her volunteer-team and the Cowley Road shop.

A spot for second hand children’s stuff
Mother herself, Nikoletsa admits “I try to keep the children’s area stocked up and encourage to donate things. I know how important it is to find affordable things which are also in good quality. And for us at Oxfam we always remember that one or two pounds maybe seem to be not much here, but are hugely important in countries we support, like for example South Soudan.”

Where?  133-135 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1HU

Oxfam 2postWhat can you find?  Lots of donated toys, clothes and books. Compared to other charity shops in the area the prices are a bit higher but the quality is often better. A short while ago Nikoletsa’s team decided to sell shoes, as they are very expensive and the children grew out quickly so they tend to be of good quality even second-hand.

Good to know! If you are a multilingual family, you would love to know that Oxfam on Cowley sells books in foreign languages for adults and children! There is a specific place, ask at the counter.

POxfam 3postlease remember! You can donate different things related to kids. But Oxfam doesn’t accept push chairs and car seats for safety reasons. And if you have some clothes with stains or holes in them, please don’t throw them away, bring them to your Oxfam charity shop: they will sell them to recycling traders in order to raise money for their campaigns.

Want to support? The charity shop is looking for new volunteers. There is no minimum time asked, but the team would love to welcome new members who can at least participate around 2 hours per week.
A good opportunity to develop professional skills and help a major British charity.

Keep in contact:  http://oxfam.org.uk   Don’t forget you can also buy items on internet and support Oxfam on that way.


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