A frog on holidays

gregre + st petCroak, why should I go on holidays? The weather is just amazing in Oxford right now!

“You are right, dear little chap, but taking some weeks off means that you will open your eyes and your mind to new horizons, explore other realities and may as well just have time to relax.
It’s very important to appreciate the different times in a year and especially the summer!
Are you ready for the departure? What’s our destination this year?”

Saint Petersburg, croak! And I’m well prepared indeed!

“Great Gregre, don’t forget your sunglasses and the  suncream! Now let’s go and enjoy our time off! 🙂 Bonnes vacances à tous nos lecteurs et à bientôt! ”

Would you like to jump with Gregre?
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2 thoughts on “A frog on holidays

  1. Rol Prettymount

    Bonnes vacances !! Impatient de retrouver votre prose au retour.


  2. Schönen Tapetenwechsel Euch allen und Gregre. Pfiati aus Bayern…


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