From Russia with love

After some days with a “cultural jet-lag”, I’m still feeling as if I’m lying in a hammock between two worlds! Saint Petersburg was simply an amazing experience and an adventurous holiday time. It changed my view on Russia and the Russian themselves.
Being there with my other half, a frog and two small children was incredible exciting: infinite escalators, plenty of coloured playgrounds, lovely salads, magnificent palaces nearby run-down houses, smiling babuschki (only thanks to the kids!), fantastic ballet-evening, peaceful churches with lots of candles, tasty pelmeny (russian tortellini), matrioschka-dolls not only made in China (sic!), refreshing swims in the Neva, train trips around Saint Petersburg…

I’m happy to share some of our pics! Clic on one of them to have a little slide-show with the name of the different places. Some more impressions wait for you on #GregreTravels (more than 30 Tweets with pics and comments about our trip to Saint Petersburg).