Oxford’s Playgroups in every language – PART 1

sun-451441_640At the start of the bilingual (or even trilingual) trip of life with kids you often are looking for places where they can meet and play with other children. It’s also (which is not less important) a moment when you can reconnect with your home country, take time to chat in your mother-tongue around a cup of coffee!
Oxford is packed with lots of different playgroups and little language schools! All these places give you the opportunity to connect with other multilingual families and to share cultural events and customs. It’s a new way for your children to explore your and their home-culture in another environment than at home. We do certainly all agree that this is extremely useful. It is during these meetings that they realise that they are part of a cultural and linguistic community.
I discovered the importance of such places since we are expatriates and as part of my work on Bilingual Families: Bringing Up Children between Cultures. That’s why I was thrilled to discover all the different playgroups and schools for children with an international background.

Enjoy the presentation they wrote themselves for OxFrogNews,
The Finnish Saturday School in Oxford and Die Kleinen Spatzen (a German playgroup)!

Soon more on OxFrogNews… (about childrengroups in French, Japanese, Polish…)

The Finnish Saturday School in Oxford

Who are you fofinland-162294_640r?
Lessons (5 years -) and music group (0 – 2 years), preschool group (3 – 5 years) and adult learning in Finnish

What are you doing during the sessions?
*Toddler music group – learning Finnish vocabulary and about Finnish culture through songs, play and craft activities. 45 minutes, every other Saturday
*Preschool group – Preschool activities in Finnish, 1 h, every other Saturday
*Children’s group – Teaching Finnish to school-aged children. Classroom exercises, 2 h, every other Saturday.
*Adult learners – Finnish language classes from beginner to advanced level, 2 h, every other Saturday

Every other Saturday, starting 13th September.3 terms.

St. Clare’s College, 18 Bardwell Road, OX2 6SP

What is the cost to join?
Term fees, please enquire further: oxford.finnish@gmail.com


Contact :

Die Kleinen Spatzen

Who are yogermany-162301_640u for? :
German language playgroup for kids aged 0-4

What are you doing during the sessions?

We play inside or outside in the garden, we sing and we offer craft activities. Kids can enjoy healthy snacks whilst parents are invited to relax over a cup of coffee or tea. The German baker visits us eeaster-egg-3161_640very session with his van full of delicious bakery and grocery items.
We celebrate German seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and St Nicolas’ Day with traditional children’s games, songs, food and activities, and for St Martin’s Day we organise our annual lantern making Sunday followed by a walk with all new lanterns lit when dusk sets in.
The next Lantern Walk takes place the 16.11.2014 in West Oxford.lampignon-10349_1280 It is a German tradition to celebrate St. Martin’s Day (11.11.) by crafting paper lanterns with children, taking the lanterns out in the dark afternoon and sing songs about St Martin, the stars, the sun and moon…
It’s a lovely tradition to share with other German speaking families! Join us Sunday 16.11. at the West Oxford Community Centre, 60 Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0BT. Crafts start  at 3pm and the Lantern Walk at 4.30pm. Fees: £1.50 – 3.50

We meet every first and third Friday of each month from 10:30 to 12 o’clock

Bullingdon Community Centre, Peat Moors, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7HS

What is the cost to join?
£2.50 per family per session


Contacts :

Thanks a lot to The Finnish Saturday School in Oxford and Die KleinenSpatzen for their contribution.
The pictures are from pixabay.com


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