A time for Mums!

Choir for MumsBe honest, dear Mummies, we all love that: having a time only for us! Those precious moments where you can relax, be yourself, just enjoy yourself. “That was my original idea, acknowledged Emily with a smile, “I thought about a choir for mumsthat the babies love it too is fantastic, but really just a side effect!
Passionate about music, Emily is a mother of two adolescents who is warm and full of energy. Her voice is soft and yet powerful; she feels the rhythm as she sings and shares it with all the mums and babies who join in at her Rattle & Hum Choir.
It’s amazing what singing can do with you,” underlines Emily, “it makes you feel good, you dive into another world… and the babies love their mum’s voice, they don’t mind if you don’t sound exactly in tune!
Emily is really into that – the wellbeing of the body and the mind through music, using rhythms and the vibrations of the body. “Even the babies who haven’t been born yet thrive on their parent’s voice! It’s a fantastic bonding and connecting experience.

For Whom?
Every mum and mum-to-be – whether or not they are a singer – is welcome. Pregnant or with a little one, you can take part in the songs Emily leads. And of course dads are welcome too 🙂

At the Pegasus Theatre in East Oxford (Magdalen Road OX4 1RE) – http://www.pegasustheatre.org.uk

Friday mornings 10-11am (last session 2014: 5th December)

 How much?
£4.50 drop in, or book five sessions for £20.

What for?
Sing, swing and relax! Take time out for an hour to breathe and sing or hum, whatever you prefer. The babies can sleep, sing with you, watch, listen or even be fed by you. Some mothers carry their child in a sling which is a nice way to share the melodies. There are also some bean bags in the room.

With babies/toddlers?
Bumps and babies are welcome until the age they start to crawl. But don’t worry, Emily loves new projects and is thinking about a session for mums with toddlers, so watch this space!

What will you sing?Creative_63543024100162020920140807161614
Lots of folk songs, lullabies, gospel songs… from all over the world: Brasilia, Ireland, America, Scotland, Umbria.
Here some examples:
Kingston Trio Hobo’s Lullaby
Beo beo
(Karine Polwart)
And Emily likes to lead you in musical harmonies like Canons. Sometimes she will accompany the choir with her ukulele or drums. “In the future, I would love to have more songs coming from the home culture of the mums (Germany, China, France…) as singing in your mother tongue offers a marvelous proximity.

Good to know!
At the Pegasus Theatre, you can find a baby changingroom, disabled access and a cosy cafe. Oxford_Mommy wrote about the Pegasus Cafe on OxFrogNews.

Keep in touch!
Discover Rattle and Hum on Facebook and you can contact Emily at emformusic[at]outlook.com


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