Nick Copes latest trick! The Pirate’s Breakfast

Gregre pirate2It was one of those uncreative moments in the middle of the afternoon when you just feel you need a break. Luckily, I found Nick Copes last CD in my bag , hidden from my daughters eyes. She grabs everything which is pink, her favourite color.

His voice sort of like a big brother, if you don’t have you would love to have: Clear, hilarious yet sincere.

His guitar is dynamic, engaging, it really gets off your feet and dancing!

His music is a fantastic mood booster!

Whilst discovering his new songs, I remember my first session with Nick Cope as a young mother with an eight month old active little girl. A friend tempted me with the comment, “you will love it”. And indeed, he is the first musician I have ever encountered who makes fab music not only for kids but for parents as well.
I love the little monkey-pirate on the CD cover, he makes me curious to explore Nick’s last collection of songs. What I particularly like is his playful way to illuminate our day-to-day life (Another day and When I’m walking down the street) which makes me smile; his talent of recalling stories from our own childhood (Has anyone seen Hammy?) which we experience again with our own children; and finally I appreciate his creative way he lets us escape in a fantastic world (In the middle of the forest and The pirate’s Breakfast).
This mix of reality and fantasy makes me feel good, as a new series of sing-song pick-me-ups for the whole family (especially: When I’m walking down the street, which is full of energy).
piratecd-smlA big thank you to Nick, our musician around the corner in Oxford. Your music is indeed not only for little ones. You named them “Family songs” and this is exactly what we need: to be together with our kids, sing, dance and enjoy good music full of groove, rhythm and rhyme with funny wordplays.


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