Between rain and snow: on a journey towards my book

bonne anneee-09In April 2014 I was in the starting blocks for my first interviews with bicultural couples. Now, thirty-something meetings later, I have a massive bunch of stories, quotes and comments. They come straight from the daily life of multicultural parents, highlight their experience and show how diverse and personal their upbringing style is. Bringing Up Children between Cultures is the working title of my book project. You can follow the up and downs of my writing journey, and also read some very exciting insights from the parents themselves on Twitter: #FamBtwCultures
What started as conversations, interviews and meetings with couples and single parents is becoming a book! A book about multicultural parenting, about the pros and cons of raising children between different languages and cultures, about everyday stories that may inspire you and be a starting point for thoughts and conversations with your partner, friends and other families.Being bilingual myself and living in a third country, I encountered the roller coaster of bringing up children between cultures: what shall I transmit from my own culture? How can I do this? How can we find a balance between my partner’s culture and mine, and possibly the one of the country of residence?
My publishing house said: Parents want answers! So you will find my questions and many possible answers from the people I’ve met during the last one and a half years.
It’s time now to “get cracking” as the English would say. The good news is that the manuscript will be handed in soon. I will let you know about the next steps… in the meantime I am also working, chatting and imagining pictures to illustrate the main topics of the book. It’s a real pleasure, thanks to Léone, an extremely gifted French woman. Her artistic view on the book is amazing. She designed this virtual “bonne année” card! Many thanks to Léone for her commitment.

We both wish you a lively start to 2016, may you take part in enriching projects and engaging perspectives for you and the people you love.

 Frogette and Léone

 Want to know more about Léone’s work? Please have a look on Cornichons et Compagnie.


One thought on “Between rain and snow: on a journey towards my book

  1. Looking forward to getting more news and discovering your book! 🙂 Thanks a lot, and happy new year to both of you from Norway, Love, Valérie


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