An Easter Lamb in a rucksack and ringing the bells in Barcelona

Ostern 2016It’s not just about language! You know how I get on my soap box when it comes to multicultural families. People so often continually ask questions about your kid’s ability to juggle with two (or more) languages; how they talk to you, converse with their school mates or their grandparents or even their siblings – important questions, I agree. But what interests me above all is what do I bring from my childhood, from my home-culture and want my own children to experience, to do and to celebrate? There is definitely not just the language but indeed, cultural heritage as well!
Easter provided us with fantastic lesson on that front. As a Franco-German family living in Britain our holidays took us this year –not as usual back to our families- but to a different country. We took the train to leave the island under the channel, past through many different landscapes in France, to finally exit the train at our final destination: Barcelona. How exciting: a new city to explore, a new language to try, a new gastronomy to savour and last, but not least, alternative weather conditions to experience.

A few weeks prior our trip we talked about how we could possibly celebrate Easter, “far away from home”? I brought from my own Christian childhood memories of the recipe for a lamb-cake and my husband could not imagine having Easter without colouring eggs (which by the way is a hassle in Britain, as most of the eggs are brown!) and both of us love the quantities of chocolate collected during an Easter Egg hunt in the garden. Great, but how can we transfer this to a 30m2 flat in central Barcelona with no oven and no garden? Our parental decision was rapid, as we wanted our children to know what goes on at Easter in both of our home-cultures so we allowed some space for that in our luggage. Continue Reading